About Advanced Client Care

Our team consists of Licensed Clinicians and Master's Level Counselors. Our educated and professional clinicians are highly adaptable to our client's needs to ensure that all people are treated equally who are seeking mental health and wellness services. At ACC we recognize that counseling is a private and serious process for many people. This is why we offer nothing less than ADVANCED CLIENT CARE.

Nicole M. Albanese-Bell/Owner

LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

M.Ed (Master's of Education in Human Sexuality Studies)
B.A. (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies)


Nicole Albanese-Bell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in FL, NJ, & PA. She conducts mental health therapy with individuals, families, and couples. Mrs. Albanese-Bell received a Masters of Family Therapy from Drexel University and a second Masters of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. She specializes in sexuality and marriage/couple/family therapy. Mrs. Albanese-Bell provides sex education and mental health trainings for various organizations. She is always pursing new opportunities to gain knowledge in order to continue working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Mrs. Albanese-Bell prides herself in having the ability to work both clinically and holistically. 

Cedric J. Bell/Owner

MHS (Masters in Human Services)

Cedric J. Bell is one of the owners of Advanced Client Care LLC.  Mr. Bell has been a Master level Mental Health Therapist for over 20 years and has treated a multitude of clients in several medical and mental health facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He holds a master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University and has also attended Capella’s Ph.D program during the years of 2002 thru 2006 with a concentration in Counseling and Healthcare Administration.  His experience extends to community outpatient facilities, psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities and elementary, middle & high school settings. These opportunities have contributed to his extensive understanding, belief, and practice associated with psychotherapy. Mr. Bell works from a strength-based perspective, encouraging self-compassion and positive self-regard for his clients. Mr. Bell believes in establishing a positive working relationship with clients in order to create a healthy therapeutic rapport in order to increase a positive treatment outcome. His treatment modalities consists of, psychodynamic theory, family systems theory, reality theory and cognitive behavioral therapy. Mr Bell  prides himself as being a multi-cultural sensitive therapist who consistently believes  that incorporating biblical principles  in the Psychotherapeutic process of counseling is paramount.  His treatment philosophy for utilizing a more faith based treatment modality coincides with his holistic approach of addressing the mind, body & spirit of his clients. Mr. Bell has a unique ability to utilize most of his skill sets to increase positive behavior modification patterns among children and adolescents.

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